DR. PR is an initiative taken by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for catering to varied public relations management needs of healthcare industry. Medical public relations is a globally acceptable phenomena but has no or relatively low presence in Indian market. This is mostly on account of unsophisticated understanding of the legal and market compliance aspects. With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, an immediate and effective Public Relations (PR), in medical field, is the need of the hour. Doctors, who wish to stay ahead in this competitive market, need to invest in PR to create demand and send a solid message that will position them as the front runner against their peers. This is where an efficient PR agency would help them achieve their objective.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, if you want to establish trust with patients before they even step into your office, building a personal brand is a great way to do that. The footprints of your brand image will gradually but significantly increase your market share and accelerate your growth.

At DR. PR, we don't just focus on Branding, we develop & manage the Public Relations for the doctors. DR. PR brings to you a complete 360º PR solution with a plethora of services which will not only help you establish yourself, as a Brand, but will also help in creating a niche for you in the medical fraternity through tools like Digital Marketing, In-person PR Officer, State of Art web & app based Patient Management System equipped to provide you comprehensive Business Analytics to help you enhance your understanding of day-to-day performance. We, at DR. PR, also ensure maximum effective web presence and social media visibility by providing Personalised Webpage, Online Advertising, Local SEO, SMO, Online Content, Blogs & Search Listing etc. While at one hand we will enhance your online visibility, on other hand we will provide you a Dedicated Cloud based In-bound Phone Number, through which, you can effectively manage your patient communications, without exposing your personal numbers. Our dedicated On-field PR Officers will personally visit General Practitioners every month to disseminate information on your offerings.

Our specialised team of SMEs with extensive experience in field of Medical Marketing, Customer Service, Data Analytics and Legal help us deliver the best by bringing their experience to the table.